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Gaming News “The players are going crazy,” says the director of FF7 Rebirth, extremely confident…

Published on December 26th, 2023 at 8:00 p.m


The year 2023 has been so extraordinary when it comes to video games that we don’t necessarily want to say goodbye to it. To help us out, there are some highly anticipated titles that will be launching soon, such as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. While fans die of impatience, the match official recently made comments that added to the general excitement. We are not ready for what is coming. Really not!

The developers of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth rely on game communication

We have to wait six days until a new year begins. For fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, this is not just any franchise, as it is marked by the release of the second part of the FFVII remake, called Rebirth. Two months before the official release, the excitement is increasingly palpable, and the reveal of the main theme (No Promises to Keep, composed by Nobuo Uematsu and sung by Loren Allred) during the Game Awards ceremony has only increased it. But even as the public is in a frenzy, naming Rebirth the “most anticipated game of 2024,” the director has added his personal touch to the game’s continued communications with a thunderous statement.

"The players will go crazy"the director of FF7 Rebirth is extremely confident…

Very often, and it is undeniable, the speeches of video game project managers offer us exciting information. Recently, as part of Paris Games Week, the franchise’s famous producer Yoshinori Kitase, who is also at the helm of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, spoke in an interview for the Final Fantasy Dream website and commented on the character of Vincent Valentine. He mentioned in particular the turn this symbolic ally of Cloud and his gang would take Now he is voiced by a voice actor (in this case Matt Mercer). After Kitase in November, it is the turn of Naoki Hamaguchi, the director, to take the lead and increase the enthusiasm of fans.

An extremely promising sequel, players will lose their minds!

Replacing Tetsuya Nomura in the production of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Naoki Hamaguchi is now at the helm of the project, supported by Motomu Toriyama (director of projects related to Final Fantasy XIII, among others) and has just stated that he feels the Up to the challenge. As he told Game Informer, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is “the video game he has the most confidence in.”. Undoubtedly, this sentence sent Final Fantasy VII fans into an uproar, and it didn’t stop at this simple statement.

There is no doubt that players are excited to discover this second part – which, as suggested, promises to be very exciting our first handlingin September – were reassured, but Naoki Hamaguchi preferred to give it another layer, as the Game Informer editorial team emphasized in their podcast. According to the game’s director, “people are going to lose their minds because of what happens,” including a particular moment in this adventure “where everyone was stunned.”. In fact, Hamaguchi has mastered the art of teasing so perfectly that it makes us boil with impatience! We remind you that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is expected on February 29 for PS5. If you are afraid of not being up to date with the scenario, Nanaki is responsible for summarizing everything you need to know before continuing the journey by Cloud and his gang, who were eventually driven out of the city of Midgar.

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