The new iMac would be launched in 2024, directly with the most powerful chip – Frandroid

Originally expected to have an M2 processor on board this year, the new version of the 24-inch iMac will finally hit the market next year, switching directly from the current M1 processor to the future, more powerful M3 chip.

The 24-inch iMac would only be updated with an M3 chip next year // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Ultimately, Apple would actually be skipping a generation of “M” processors with its 24-inch iMac. Originally expected in 2023 with an M2 chip on board, the new version of the machine would ultimately not arrive until 2024 and therefore disregard the M2 chip and go straight to a new generation M3 SoC. In any case, that’s what Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman suggest, contrary to old rumors that have become increasingly difficult to believe.

In detail, it is Ming-Chi Kuo who is planning a launch somewhere in 2024, while Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has been talking about the iMac’s adoption of an M3 processor for several months. A chip that we would also find quite quickly (among other things) in the new version of the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Air, also expected in the coming months. As a reminder, the current 24-inch iMac still uses a basic M1 chip that was introduced in 2020.

The 24-inch iMac in 2024 and just below the M3 processor?

For its part, as WCCFTech points out, by moving directly to the M3 chip, the next iMac would therefore end a generation of SoCs to directly adopt the best that Apple will offer in 2024. That would be logical and would also allow it to be up to Apple to offer solid performance to this iMac: on the device the M3 chip should actually develop its full potential, without being hindered by the issue of energy saving inherent in the MacBook.

Remember that this future M3 chip from TSMC should be engraved in 3nm (compared to 5nm for the M1 processor), the same process as the A17 Pro chips of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. Like Typically, this higher engraving fineness is said to enable better performance and lower energy consumption. It is also rumored that the M3 chip would offer significantly better graphics performance. An area that Apple has invested heavily in with the A17 Pro, particularly the support for ray tracing and the promise of compatible AAA games.

It now remains to be seen when this new 24-inch iMac could come onto the market in 2024. At the moment we don’t know the launch window, but the device could be announced at the same time as other Macs, somewhere between spring and next summer. We should know more in the coming months.