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Long awaited by game fans, the latest version of the legendary game of the little plumber has finally been released. Quickly discover Super Mario Bros Wonder in the Standard Edition and the Nintendo Switch version on this famous online store.

Sold for only 44.99 euros, forget the 66.34 euros of the official price and embark on the adventure. This is what Cdiscount offers you today for Black Friday 2023. Here is a new version of the famous Super Mario Bros Standard Edition for Nintendo Switch that awaits you today for new adventures.

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Who doesn’t know the little man with the mustache, whose life is full of shared adventures with his brother Luigi and who sets out to attack the villains while gathering power during his races? This version of Super Mario Bros Wonder, available for the Nintendo Switch, will never cease to amaze you.

Enjoy this version of Super Mario Bros Wonder at a great price

Coming at the end of October 2023, this latest adventure in the Super Mario Bros Wonder Standard Edition for Nintendo Switch will have you take part in the rescue of Prince Florian, whose kingdom is facing an invasion by many villains. His enemy Bowser is still there and will do anything to make life impossible for everyone.

You have to jump, swim, run and even fly to win the game and avoid the enemies that stand in your way. To do this you have to unlock powers like the classic fireball or the star that makes you invincible.

But in this latest version of Super Mario Bros Wonder Standard Edition for Nintendo Switch, new powers are within your reach, such as the Elephant Apple, which gives you all the power of this animal to win again and again.

Find the Wonder Flower and let the adventure surprise you with this latest work of Super Mario Bros Wonder Standard Edition for Nintendo Switch, available at Cdiscount for only 44.99 euros instead of 66.34 euros.

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