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If you are familiar with the stars, the term is not too strong. In fact, this iPad Pro actually comes with Apple’s M2 chip. That means you simply have a tablet with the power of a MacBook. In addition, the 11-inch Retina screen, the use of Wi-Fi 6 or even the 256 GB of storage and the 8 GB of RAM are quite similar characteristics. The iPad is more flexible and handy than a laptop and still has all the features. Obviously it will be a very powerful gaming console! But this version of the iPad Pro M2 should be considered a real work device.

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An exceptional product, exceptional price

An iPad Pro M2 is obviously more expensive than a classic iPad. We are faced with a real work tool that will exceed all your expectations, whatever your work. And the iPad Pro M2 is now priced at 999.99 euros at Rakuten. This represents a decrease of 16% compared to the original price of 1199 euros. There is also a deferred 20 euro voucher that Rakuten will automatically give you. Delivery is of course free of charge and takes place within one to two weeks. Are you hesitant to integrate this price into your iPad? The customer comments, which are obviously all unanimous, will put your mind at ease. Do you have any questions about the seller? You will also be reassured by the almost perfect rating of 4.6/5 with over 1000 sales.

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