The “I insure my thing” program initiated by Ferdinoises – Courrier Frontenac.

Chantale Vigneault, owner of her financial services and personal insurance company in Saint-Ferdinand for 20 years and a member of the Cloutier group, is president and co-founder of the J’assure ma Cause program, an initiative that is already in the making in her head for almost four Years. Kelly-Ann Turcotte has been a financial security advisor in Ms. Vigneault’s office for two years and accompanied her on this project as a co-founder of the project.

The two businesswomen chose Resto-Bar le William to present the details of their program and carry out its official opening in the presence of their family, friends and business people from the community.

This is a revolution in philanthropy that offers donors the opportunity to purchase life insurance to benefit causes they care about. Through a simple and quick process, the donor takes out life insurance and names the organization of his or her choice registered in the program as owner and beneficiary. After his death, the capital is paid out to the charitable purpose and the organization in question receives an amount that exceeds the value of a simple monetary donation.

“A planned gift through life insurance, in contrast to a traditional monetary donation, is a concrete gesture to leave a lasting legacy, the value of which can increase over time.” With “I insure my cause” your support for the charitable works that “The things that are close to your heart are amplified,” assures Ms. Vigneault.


Chantale Vigneault says she was inspired by the story of the family of Ariane Pinette de Plessisville, who suffers from a very rare and degenerative genetic disease and has had to repeatedly appeal for support from registered charities. “I have had the opportunity to participate in various fundraisers or benefit dinners that make a difference to families in need. However, I told myself that unfortunately this financial support for families was not recurring and we had to go further. »

“When Chantal (Boisvert), Ariane’s mother, wrote on her Facebook page in 2018 that she needed someone to look after her son while she had Ariane in the hospital, or that she needed small cooked meals, it was my turn . I called her to tell her I wouldn’t be babysitting or cooking, but I would bring her gas vouchers. This was the trigger for the implementation of our project. »

“I’m making my point, that’s what it is,” Ms. Vigneault said. “We are ensuring our cause so that organizations have enough money to help families like Ariane Pinette and others and so they can fulfill their mission. Our vision is to create a new reflex in donors that we can give differently with planned life insurance donations. »

Ms. Boisvert (Ariane’s mother) was also there to tell her story. She obviously emphasized that her family was just one example among many that foundations have a right to exist. She said she has received a lot of support from friends and foundations over the past 20 years and would like to thank Chantale (Vigneault) and Kelly-Ann for this wonderful idea, which she assures will help several families. These planned life insurance donations will be made via foundations that will benefit from this. “The gesture donors make by donating is invaluable to a family in need. For a family like ours with another child, that’s a lot of money and commitment. »

How to make donating life insurance to support the community easier

The donor takes out life insurance tailored to his budget and needs and names the organization of his choice as owner and beneficiary. The donor pays each year (for a maximum period of ten years) or through a one-off donation the premium(s) provided for in his insurance contract and benefits from the associated tax credits. When the donor dies, the capital from his life insurance policy is paid out tax-free directly to the beneficiary organization.

When a new donor is approved, J’assure ma Cause automatically donates $125 to the beneficiary organization. Once a quarter, registered charities that have acquired new donors receive a payment equal to the donations they have raised. And when a donor dies, the insurer pays the life insurance capital to the beneficiary organization. The amount varies from $5,000 to $250,000 for products without a medical examination and depends on the insurance policy and the time of death.

For example, a $10,000 life insurance policy for a 45-year-old man who is a non-smoker and healthy could cost $624 per year (maximum 10 years), but the net donation amount would therefore be $333 Dollars per year amounts to a tax credit of $291. In addition, I certify that my cause will donate $125 to the selected organization that will benefit from the life insurance at the time of the insured’s death. “The important thing is to stick to your heart and your budget,” Ms. Vigneault said.


Jimmy Vigneault is the program’s first donor. The local businessman immediately became interested in the project when his cousin (Chantale Vigneault) first spoke to him about it in 2019. “I am often asked to participate in fundraising events, but insuring my cause is an excellent financial lever.” can make a difference to the community. For me it is more than a financial instrument, it is a commitment to leave a better future for the generation that follows us,” he said.

This program is available in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.