The French Commemoration Committee of Dormans is doing well – L’Union

The local committee of French remembrance of Dormans in the Épernay district organized its 2023 general meeting in Courthiézy. The opportunity to take stock and welcome new members to the board.

The members of Souvenir Français de Dormans gathered around Jean-Pierre Drouet, the president, including a number of the canton’s elected officials, including Sylvain Bizzochi, mayor of Courthiézy, and the new senator of Marne, Christian Bruyen.

The presentation of the morale report by the President made it possible to commemorate the restoration of the graves of soldiers who died for France and the numerous excursions in which the standard bearers had taken part since October 2019, the date of the last General Assembly. He remembered that these years were also very difficult for him personally, with the disappearance of his daughter and his wife. He then recalled the emergence of their local committee, founded on March 13, 2010, and its growth since then.

Of the twenty-six members from the very beginning, the committee can now boast of having sixty-six. Nine have died since the last meeting: Michel Brisset, Hamid Bensarsa, Anne Drouet, Claude Mignot, Annik Drouet, Jean-Claude Vergeat, Françoise Boulogne, Roger Pascaud and Jean Rigaut. At the end of this report, a minute’s silence was observed for all missing comrades.

Since the financial report showed a healthy cash flow, it was unanimously approved that the addition of three new members to the management committee was approved: Christelle Lafontaine as secretary, Patrick Wéber as treasurer and Jean-Marc Maurice as deputy treasurer. They join Jean-Pierre Drouet, the president; Christian Bruyen, first vice-president; Jean-Claude Robert, second vice-president and five members: Michel Courteaux, Frédéric Daubok, Martine Dubois, Didier Michelet and Marie-Louise Thonon.

The personalities present, accompanied by thirteen standard bearers, then laid two wreaths at the war memorial. The ceremony ended with a convivial drink.