The first writers’ fair dedicated to exchange and encounter – Midi Libre

The first edition of the Author Meeting Fair will take place on Sunday November 12th in the foyer of Monplaisir.

Yann Bérard, the secretary of the festival committee, is the main actor. To explain this new challenge, he confesses: “I am a lover of words. I was always writing. Reading plays a big part in my life. I want to share this passion.” Encouraged by the excellent reception that the few writers in attendance received at the last arts and crafts exhibition this summer, he began organizing the event.

Literary productions

The authors will meet their readers there and five of them will also be juries for literary productions proposed to everyone on the theme of the meeting.

“Everything is possible: poetry, writing or a dissertation without any sense of competition. “It’s about two to three pages long,” explains Yann Bérard. The former head of the writing workshop encourages future participants: “What is written can be fantastic. Don’t be afraid of being judged. That’s not our mentality.” This is confirmed by Thierry Daullé, one of the authors of the show: “It’s a way to give writing in French a chance. I am a teacher and delivery is crucial.”

The Montpellier University pensioner added: “Yann is a generous man. I would like to work with him.” This author, immersed in writing his twelfth novel, does not shy away from the pleasure of chatting with visitors or his fellow novelists such as Dominique Bernard, who came as a neighbor of Carnoulès. The former police commissioner has just finished his sixth novel and says: “I write particularly about cases that I have experienced and that I transform.” Like his colleague Thierry Daullé, he is excited about the prospect of this new experience. “A space of freedom and encounter”, as Yann Bérard wishes.

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