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FREE STAND. There was a time when Asterix had his twelve tasks, which he bravely fulfilled together with his faithful friend Obelix. Today our deputies Lamontagne and Schneeberger are entrusted with two crucial tasks.

1. Inclusion in the PQI for March 2024: We urge our deputies to immediately include our hospital project in the Quebec Infrastructure Plan (PQI) to trigger the necessary measures for the construction of the hospital.

2. The recognition of Centre-du-Québec as an independent health region: We call on MEPs to take the necessary measures to formalize Center-du-Québec by government decree as an independent health region, independent of Mauricie.

This year, in this newspaper and in the regional media, we have highlighted in detail the urgent need to replace the Sainte-Croix hospital in the near future and to build a new, modern hospital with a regional focus.

This sought-after hospital must provide expanded services to an ever-growing population in a city now declared a metropolis. However, to achieve this level of quality, it is essential that Center-du-Québec is recognized as a social and health region distinct from Mauricie. The hospital required by Drummondville must provide a comprehensive range of specialized care comparable to that currently offered in Trois-Rivières, including specialty medicine, radiation therapy and state-of-the-art examination equipment such as PET scans for the diagnosis of cancer.

Over the past year, numerous events have highlighted both of these needs. And many measures have been taken by citizens and doctors.

A doctors’ meeting in March resulted in a petition signed by 182 doctors calling for the replacement of our old hospital, which was presented to MPs last June.

An online and paper petition collected 15,000 signatures from citizens calling for the hospital to be replaced.

A City of Drummondville committee also mobilized to support the creation of a large health center around our future regional hospital.

Several meetings were held with elected representatives of the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Québec). MPs are aware of all the details of the matter. We are still waiting for follow-up on the medical application submission.

Unfortunately, the MPs and the CIUSSS have not yet managed to convince Minister Dubé to take a look at the dilapidated state of the Sainte-Croix hospital.

At a meeting with business people and influencers in October, doctors were able to draw attention to the current untenable situation and ask for support for the overall health development of our city. We have received the enthusiastic support of the University of Sherbrooke and its Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, who are ready to contribute to the development of our region through the establishment of a decentralized medical training campus. She is already doing it in Chicoutimi, Moncton and Longueuil. This means a student could complete their entire medical studies here. Drummondville doctors are ready and excited to be part of such a development here.

I write this text with urgency, aware of the crucial deadline in the first months of 2024. Waiting for the 2026 election campaign is not an option. Act now while you are in office. It’s no longer the time for promises, you have the power. We call on you to face the greatest challenge of your career, and all citizens and future patients are counting on you. NOW.

Will you be up to the challenge? The challenge of the two tasks of our deputies.

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