The Camarina Trophy Night is scheduled for November 10th – Midi Libre

For 28 years, the Camarina Bullfighting Club has awarded a trophy to the best bull on the first day of the Palme d’Or and organizes an evening in his honor and in honor of all those involved in the Camargue race. This year the bull Adal from the Du Ternen herd won this trophy. This trophy will be presented to the shepherds on Friday evening, November 10th, at the city casino.

This evening is always an opportunity for Camarina to bring the world of Bouvine closer, to bring together the different protagonists and lovers and of course to have a good time among nice people with a good meal and lively discussions about Camargue culture. Thierry Peyret, the president of the association, and the entire office have put together a detailed program so that the Camarinians, their families and loved ones have an unforgettable evening.

Christiane Chamand-Debenest’s singing tour

First of all, a 3.30 m film that tells the bullfighting season, the Palme d’Or, the carnivalesque Abrivado, the hundred bulls, etc. is shown to the audience. Afterwards, Christiane Chamand-Debenest, the artist who sings about the world of Bouvine, of which she is an illustrious member, will present her creations, hung for the occasion in the municipal casino.

Finally, after a review of the bullfighting season in Beaucair by Jean-Pierre Odes, former president of Camarina, and just before the aperitif offered by the association, the trophy will be symbolically presented to the bull Adal. All these beautiful memories and these beautiful projects will have whetted the audience’s appetite. So Camarina turned to Gus’s caterer, who took special care to create a meal with festive flavors that will give guests a taste of the end-of-year celebrations. The gypsy music atmosphere offered by Tchandro will also invite the party to meet.

On Sunday November 12th, Camarina and the Escolo de tradiciun de Bèu-caire are holding a big lottery in the Le Chalet area.

Reserve your place at the table with Thierry Peyret on 06 17 73 50 19. Participation in the meal: €25 for members and €38 for non-members.

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