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Micro-LED seems to be the future of our screens, but its arrival in the world of smartphones is not scheduled for tomorrow. We now have a slightly more precise idea.

The best screen technology will also make its way toWe see no limits! // Source: Frandroid

Micro LED embodies the latest in display technology. It’s simple: this technology promises a visual revolution, but is not yet widely available. Nowadays, seeing a Micro LED screen is a rare privilege reserved for places like the Frandroid studio or the Fnac windows. The costs remain prohibitive, almost 1000 euros per inch diagonal. So imagine the investment for a 65-inch screen… We’ll let you do the math.

This technology, which is often confused with Mini-LED and OLED, stands out for its unique properties. It has been discussed at international trade fairs for several years. Its advantages? Like OLED, it is self-emitting and offers high brightness, sub-microsecond response time and remarkable durability. It combines the qualities of LCD technology and the qualities of OLED, without any obvious flaws.

We are slowly seeing the end of the tunnel when it comes to televisions, even if we still have to wait a few years. But smartphones are a different story. Successfully manufacturing small micro LED screens is extremely complicated. We can expect to see this on TVs and computer screens in the next decade, but it will take longer for smartphones.

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There are currently no smartphones, laptops or PC displays equipped with a Micro LED display, although some are marketed under this name due to their Micro LED backlighting.

2033, remember this date

The MicroLED Association has developed a roadmap for the development of this technology. According to your predictions We will have to wait between 2030 and 2033 until we see the first prototypes of smartphones equipped with micro-LEDs.

The best screen technology will also make its way toSource: MicroLED Association

Initial progress in micro-LED research could be achieved between 2026 and 2029, with production of pilot systems planned for 2030. The first high-end products could come onto the market around 2033.

The current challenge remains profitability. The massive micro-LED design poses efficiency issues. Other methods are being investigated, but LCD and OLED technologies, which have been used for decades, benefit from the advantage of controlled and proven production.