The best apps for your new phone – Le Journal de Montréal

Smartphones are getting better every year, with features and new hardware specs for you to take advantage of. Whether you want to communicate with other people, check the weather, or even find your soulmate, there’s always an app to help you, access information on the fly, or simply help you satisfy your digital cravings.

But the two main and only available stores – Apple App Store and Google Play Store – offer thousands of apps; So where to start? Here you will find a short selection of several important mobile applications for your iPhone or Android device. However, avoid the ones that are too well known and may lead to doomscrolling.

Online messaging

Email accounts from Internet service providers like Videotron and others for use with Apple Mail messages certainly have their advantages, but the online versions also have their advantages.

Through the web browser or mobile application, Gmail is essential. Google Messaging is easy to use, filters 99.9% of unwanted content, is fast and offers access to other services from the giant Google. Used only in the web browser and all messages and attachments are stored online and not on your device.

On iOS, the app is included by default on Android devices.

If you need messaging secured by encryption and strict laws, the Tutanota service and app, developed in Germany, comply with the strict laws of the European Parliament’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – while remaining easy to use.

On iOS and Android

Also consider: Proton Mail (Switzerland) on iOS and Android.

Artificial intelligence

Whether you want to use it frequently, discover it and become familiar with it, the new and famous ChatGPT app gives you access to the powerful computer brain. While ChatGPT ranks first among productivity apps in the Apple App Store, Gmail comes in second.

The free ChatGPT app syncs your history across devices and brings you the latest improvements to OpenAI’s intelligent model. With ChatGPT in your pocket, you’ll find personalized advice, creative inspiration and learning opportunities.

Ask your questions in French to receive answers in the same language. Same logic in English.

On iOS and Android.

The best apps for your new phone

Canva: a mobile photo editor Canva

Photo editing: Canva

Canva, the free and intuitive graphic design app, offers a wide range of layouts, free photos, fonts, shapes, icons, charts, lines, illustrations, grids and background options to help you design your chart exactly the way you want. When you’re done, save it as a high-quality image.

Canva is easy to use and offers similar features to Photoshop, but some advanced features require a paid subscription.

On Android and iOS (also compatible with macOS and iPad).

Another option is the Photoleap photo editor with AI for iOS, which is missing from the Android catalog due to its advanced features and RAW format compatibility.

The Bing search engine

It is often forgotten that there are several ways to find websites, directions, videos and photos on the Internet. Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has literally become a serious competitor to Google through the integration of artificial intelligence from GPT-4 and OpenAI.

The design is clear and easy to use. When it comes to functions, the Bing app is in no way inferior and also offers voice and camera input as well as local information. Additionally, the Bing app home screen offers local tips and news suggestions instead of an empty search box.

On iOS and Android.

Another interesting browser, although without artificial intelligence, is the DuckDuckGo app, which I use often and which does not share the content of your searches with all online advertisers.

On iOS and Android.

Communication: WhatsApp

At Meta, WhatsApp is probably the most popular messaging app in the world for communicating abroad (2 billion users) – oddly enough, except for Americans. It remains a good choice for anyone who doesn’t have unlimited messaging and spends a lot of time on a Wi-Fi network. It is one of the most feature-rich chat apps and deserves to be downloaded if you are a regular chatter or not just avoid fees.

On iOS and Android.