Thanks to this technology from AMD – Phonandroid – the Galaxy S24 could transform into a small gaming PC

Samsung will introduce new high-end smartphones in the coming weeks that will feature AMD technology adopted from gaming PCs.

New high-end Galaxy smartphones are among the most anticipated devices every year, and the upcoming Galaxy S24 is no exception. While we already know the design of the devices and much of their spec sheet, a Korean media outlet has just shared important information about a feature that should arrive with this generation.

We already know that the Galaxy S24 should really be designed for gaming thanks to a custom GPU with a much higher frequency than other Android smartphones, but this is the news from in particular the arrival of technology from AMD that should delight gamers.

PC games could run on the Galaxy S24

According to AjuNews, Samsung has worked with Qualcomm and AMD to bring FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) technology to the next Galaxy S24. As a reminder, this technology allows for an improvement in image quality andIndirectly increase the number of frames per second in the game, like Nvidia’s DLSS.

Specifically, FSR renders the images at a lower resolution and then uses a spatial scaling algorithm to make it appear that the game is running at a higher resolution. It differs from DLSS technology in its open source aspect, which allows it to work on many more graphics cards.

The launch on the Galaxy S24 could very well allow Samsung to run games for PCs or home consoles. like the iPhone 15 Pro can already do with Resident Evil Village. It now remains to be seen whether the various studios will adapt their games for smartphones, but it’s already very exciting to know that these small devices can soon transform into real pocket gaming PCs.

A new report also just claimed that Samsung will unveil its next Galaxy S24 in the US on January 17th, confirming what some other leakers have said. So there are only a few weeks left until we know everything about her.