“Ten strict thirty teas one,” by Jean-Thomas Jobin – Le Journal de Québec

When Jean-Thomas Jobin titles his new show Ten strict thirty teas one, It has absolutely nothing to do with the popular detective series Luc Dionne. It’s more of an absurd and good-natured gag in his image and that of his fourth One man show.

The years that pass too quickly and lead to the fear of getting older, the child who refuses to give up his place to adults and the absurdity of life: these are the themes that will be explored in the next show of the big winner of Big Brother 2021 will appear.

“I wanted to try to treat myself a little more. “To tell real situations that have substance and to see if I can develop that streak because there are good reactions when I open up on podcasts,” explains the comedian, who can’t believe he’s already 48 years old.

Ten strict thirty teas one by Jean Thomas Jobin – Le

Pierre-Paul Poulin / Le Journal de Montréal

He believes that his participation in reality TV shows (Big Brother Celebrities, Survivor Quebec) and his approach started in his previous show led him to a desire to share certain emotions on stage.

The desire to get out of his comfortable slippers resulted in a work that is “always in the extreme left-wing absurdity” that we know him as, but which also offers moments of vulnerability that come “around 65%” from his experiences .

“There is one number in particular about my parents’ grief, as well as other small excerpts from life that I relate to the situations with my ironic lens. “But it remains in absurd waters,” promises the artist, who says he is both excited and excited to have taken on this new challenge.

– The show Ten strict thirty teas one, by Jean-Thomas Jobin will premiere on October 26th at the Grand Théâtre de Québec and on November 2nd at the Olympia in Montreal. https://jeanthomasjobin.com/

– The comedian will return as a staff member in Season 2 of Survivor Quebec.