Tech&Co presents Labo Weeks, 4 weeks to help you choose your high-tech products – Tech & Co

For a month starting this Monday, October 30th, Tech&Co is compiling its best recommendations to help you buy high-tech products.

The Tech&Co editorial team returns again with Labo Weeks: For four weeks, the editorial team will work to help you choose the electronic devices that suit you best.

To properly anticipate the holidays and this intense buying period, Tech&Co’s journalists have prepared a lot of content for you that will guide you to the options that suit you.

During the Lab Weeks, four product families will be analyzed and dissected: smartphones, computers and video games, TV and video and finally audio. Here is the program:

  • Week of October 30: Smartphones
  • Week of November 6th: Television and Video
  • Week of November 13th: Computers and Games
  • Week of November 20: Audio

The question round

Several formats are offered each week. In the program “Le Tour de la Question”, editorial journalists, surrounded by top-class guests, discuss the trends and flagship products of the year for 52 minutes: whether you are a favorite or not, Tech&Co gives you the best advice.

The games

In the matches, an innovative format for this year 2023, our journalists defend the product of their choice on our topics against each other. Google Pixel or iPhone? Which headphones should I choose? Our journalists will answer these questions for you.

Right or wrong

Finally, with “True or False” the editorial journalists decode preconceived opinions about high-tech products in a format that is accessible to everyone.

Brands also have their say

During Lab Weeks, two major brands will also have the opportunity to present their innovations in sessions called “Tech à Tête”. They tell us about their path to developing their own technology, explaining simply how it works and the specific problem it offers a solution to.

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