Tech Advent Calendar D-6: the ShiftCam ProGrip to transform your smartphone into a real professional camera – lemon squeezer

The snap-what? The ShiftCam SnapGrip is an accessory that can transform any smartphone into a professional camera or camera. As a specialist in accessories, ShiftCam has already distinguished itself with the ProGrip, an identical device but bulkier and, above all, more expensive. The brand is also known for its lenses adaptable to smartphone optics.

ShiftCam therefore wants to use the SnapGrip Democratizing the DSLR (professional camera/camera) experience. with a compact and intuitive accessory.

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Magnetic is fantastic

The SnapGrip is attached to an iPhone thanks to the MagSafe magnet system. After testing a hundred prototypes, ShiftCam found a clip that is strong enough to prevent unexpected falls but flexible enough to quickly remove the device. If you have an Android smartphone, a sticker can be stuck on the back to ensure magnetic adhesion.

The SnapGrip therefore has the shape of a Grip inspired by professional cameras. This means you benefit from better handling and different sensations that are closer to professional photography. And what’s more, it charges the phone at the same time.

Clever: ShiftCam allows you to rotate your smartphone in no time Switch from horizontal to vertical frame in a single gesture. The brand also offers a whole range of complementary accessories that can be attached directly to the magnetic clip.

A microphone mount, small lamp or even a tripod can be stacked to benefit from customized equipment, perfect for photographing or filming like a pro with a device that won’t take up space in a bag.

ShiftCam’s suggestion is so relevant that we can do this Seriously consider replacing professional equipment with this device in certain situations (e.g. vlogging). This is even more true when we see how good smartphones are today when it comes to photos and videos. As proof, Apple filmed its last keynote with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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Price for ShiftCam SnapGrip

The other advantage of the ShiftCam SnapGrip is its price. The main module attached to the phone costs 70 euros. To this we can add accessories such as the light (40 euros), the microphone clip (30 euros) and the tripod (40 euros).

ShiftCam also offers Creator packages. The SnapGrip Pack for Creators including a microphone attachment, light and tripod costs 130 euros. The SnapGrip Creator+ Pack is sold for 216 euros. It also includes a microphone.

According to the USA The best bundle is the Creator Kit for 130 euros. In fact, microphones with a better price-performance ratio than ShiftCam are available on purchasing platforms. We think, for example, of the Rode VideoMicro, which is sold on Amazon for 57 euros.

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