Super Mario Bros. Wonder: New price reduction thanks to Black Friday for one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games of the moment – ​​Le Parisien

Platformer fans: Mario is back in Mario Bros Wonder, on the Nintendo Switch. This time the evil Bowser attacked Prince Florian. Play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad or Toadette and set out to save the Flower Kingdom. For beginners and children, Yoshis and Chipin make discovering the game easier. These small, multi-colored creatures take no damage. Many special items are hidden on each level. Elephant apple, bubble flower or drill mushroom, these boosts will get you to the finish flag faster. The Mario Bros Wonder game costs 44.99 euros instead of 64 euros on the Cdiscount online sales site.

The Mario Bros Wonder Standard Edition game is available at a discounted price at Cdiscount. The cartridge is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED model. You can enjoy the adventures of Mario and his friends in local multiplayer mode with up to four players per level. If you want to play online, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required (not included). Whether it’s using resurrection panels or crossing on Yoshi’s back, helping each other is at the heart of the game. In addition, you have to collect several badges. You unlock powers and items like high jump or parachute. This Black Friday week, it’s time to think about Christmas gifts. Take advantage of the exceptional discount on the Mario Bros. Wonder game to delight the whole family.

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