Specific Nintendo Switch 2 release date and price rumor for two console models emerge – notebookcheck.biz

The Nintendo Switch 2 release date will fall on September 24, 2024, according to a new rumor recently shared on ResetEra. There have been numerous reports about the next-gen Switch’s release date, many of which fall in the second half of next year. However, this appears to be the first time a specific date has been mentioned, as September 24, 2024 is a Tuesday. In addition, a release date for the Switch 2 is also mentioned, namely November 3rd, 2024. Since the latter date is a Sunday, caution is advised with this leak.

The same source, who has reportedly worked with famed gaming tipster “The Snitch” in the past, not only offers two dates, but also claims that there will be two models: a standard model and a digital Nintendo Switch 2 model . It looks like Source somehow has friends in high places at Nintendo, as it even lists prices, although a later update includes the safe harbor note “Price point subject to change.” Either way, the digital Switch 2 will apparently cost $400, while the standard console will cost $449. There’s no mention of using OLED or an OLED model, consistent with previous rumors that the Switch 2 would feature an LCD screen.

One thing that has confused commenters is the claim that the Nintendo Switch 2 has the internal codename “NG”. This actually appears to come from a statement from Activision’s CFO, who called the Switch’s successor the “NG Switch,” where “NG” simply means “Next Generation.” Other names have been mentioned in the past, including “Switch Forward”, “NX2”, “[…]Hawk” and many others, but “NG” has already been ruled out as a candidate for the code name by some people who appear to be familiar with the matter. A later update from https://www.resetera.com/threads/rumor-switch-2-codenamed-ng-two-skus-september-2024-release.772091/post-113089019 from the same source indicates that ” “NG” would be a Switch 2 codename used for developers and not internally, and that there is also a short note claiming that the Switch’s successor will receive AR features.

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