Southwest: a new office and a new strategy for IMPACT –

The small association, which was led by Brigitte Vanvincq when it was founded in 2003 and which owes its name to Christine Bianchi and has become an association, is therefore preparing for this enter a new era.

” We want Maintaining continuity of action “The projects initiated by the previous offices preserve this atmosphere, this friendly side that favors reunions, and we hope to do justice to the work already done by Alain Pétiard and his office,” explains Julien Fontaine, the future president of IMPACT. But we have that too new ideas which we hope to present to members at the beginning of next year.

A single catchphrase for the new president: Work together to promote the club and make it shine.

“I am open to all suggestions and have no plans to operate vertically. On the contrary, with the treasurer and the secretary we have the same point of view, and We will carry out the missions together. Two other people also offered to help us monitor registrations and organize the evenings,” continues Julien Fontaine.

If he seeks approval from members, the new president will want to be able to do so Renew the evening format by offering themed workshops for example on cruises, insurance, business trips or family trips. “Tour operators already organize workshops separately and the idea with IMPACT is to do this suggest that travel agents do things differently “, he explains.

In the same spirit and although the club has a regional orientation, Julien Fontaine hopes to be able to establish himself Conference debate evenings with one or more guests to discuss broader questions of a national nature. “We could think about it Question and answer sessions on topics such as sustainable development, legal responsibility, employment, travel destinations and even technology,” he says.