Sony officially reveals free PS Plus games for December 2023 –

Two days before the first day of the last month of 2023, the Japanese video game giant Sony finally revealed the next free games for active PS Plus subscribers, regardless of their level, in a corresponding post on the official PlayStation blog. As usual, console players can play three titles for free, with each game aimed at a completely different audience.

The headliner of the PS Plus program in December 2023 is Lego 2K Drive, released earlier this year and offering an open world with four different zones. Before hitting the road, players can build their own cars out of virtual Lego bricks. In addition to the usual single-player and multiplayer modes, the PlayStation Plus game for the PS4 and PS5 also includes a local co-op mode in which two players can compete against each other and the elastic AI via screen sharing.

As we previously reported, Sony’s second PS Plus game in December 2023, titled Powerwash Simulator, attempts to capture the satisfaction of cleaning a driveway, which also explores the economics of a cleaning company’s driveway management. Players who don’t want to get too familiar with this type of game can also delve into the sandy open world of Sable, which is set on a desert planet called “Midden” and invites adventurers for in-depth exploration and coming-of-age history. All three PlayStation Plus games will be available to download for free starting December 5th as long as console owners have an active PS Plus Essential, Premium or Extra subscription.

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