Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCSOFT enter into global commercial collaboration –

Sony Group Corporation (formerly Sony Corporation) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronics and entertainment products. Sales by activity break down as follows: – Sales of games (28.9%): consoles, software and consumables; – Sales of multimedia products (21.1%): televisions (37.3% of sales), mobile telecommunications equipment (18.8%), photo and video cameras (17.7%), audio and video equipment (16.5% ) and others (9.7%); – Production and distribution of musical works (10.3%; Sony Music Entertainment); – Sales of imaging solutions and sensors (10.4%); – Production and distribution of motion pictures and television programs (8.4%): activities carried out in particular by Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures; – other (2.4%). The sales balance (18.5%) relates to the provision of financial services. The geographical distribution of sales is as follows: Japan (32.9%), China (8.5%), Asia Pacific (9.6%), United States (23.9%), Europe (20.2%) ) and others (4.9%).

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