Sony backs down on Discovery content on PlayStation – Journal du geek

A few days ago we learned very bad news about certain dematerialized content on PlayStation consoles. Users noted with bitterness that by the end of the month, all Discovery productions, including those for which players had paid, would soon disappear from the platform. Remember that the players then received an email in which we could read:

“Starting December 31, 2023, due to our content licensing agreements with content providers, you will no longer be able to view previously purchased Discovery content and the content will be removed from your video library.”

One decision has already been overturned

Sony is now making a U-turn. On its website, the company posts an update on the situation, simply stating that an agreement has finally been reached between Sony and Discovery:

“Due to updated licensing agreements, the discontinuation of Discovery content planned for December 31, 2023 will no longer take place. We thank you for your support and feedback.”

There is no evidence yet that player disappointment played a role in this turnaround. In any case, this is excellent news for all users who have purchased Discovery content and want to enjoy it – at least for a little longer. The terms of the new agreement were not disclosed, so we don’t know exactly what reprieve Discovery wanted to give PlayStation console users. But it will undoubtedly expire one day, so the question is raised again.

Meeting at least on June 31, 2026

According to, the contract provides for a usage period of at least 30 months, which corresponds to around two and a half years. PlayStation states:

“As with other services, we do not own the licensing rights to television and film content previously available for purchase on PlayStation Store. However, we have worked with Warner Bros. to update our licensing agreements to ensure consumers can access content they have previously purchased for at least the next 30 months.”

Dematerialized content is therefore always at risk. Of course, guarantees can be given, but these always have an expiration date, unlike the physical format, which remains despite server closures, agreements and company mergers.