SONIC Superstars: Analysis and comparison of the PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch versions –

Since last month, Sonic is back in an explosive and very successful platform game: SONIC superstars. Perhaps its biggest flaw is that it was released at the same time as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Forcing fans to at least make a choice Switch. Apart from that, the game manages to reproduce the gameplay of the original games by equipping it with small new features that are more or less well found. The title may be a little straightforward and has a poorly balanced difficulty, but it has multiple modes and once the story mode is completed, a new adventure begins…

If you’re wondering what SONIC superstars has in the belly, and especially the Switch version of the game, the side Digital foundry to sift through the different versions of the title and compare and analyze their performance. The result is quite good for the Switch. Visually, the Switch version is (necessarily) below the others, but remains stable at 60 fps throughout the entire adventure. For more information, see the analysis of Digital foundry below and to learn more about the game, Our complete test is always worth reading HERE.

As a reminder, SONIC superstars has been available on Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch since October 17, 2023

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