Shy but happy start to the Oignies games – La Voix du Nord

The first edition of Oignies Games, a manga and video game fair, will take place throughout the weekend. In direct competition with Geek Days (Lille) and Rêves de Geek (Phalempin), the event this Saturday did not attract any crowds. But the youngest ones still enjoyed video games

This Saturday there was no crowd in the Jazy room in Oignies for the first edition of the Oignies games, a manga and video game fair organized by the 3 Neighborhood Committee and the Holidaygeekcup association. Few visitors, but young people from the neighborhood were happy about the opportunity to play video games. “They’re there, they’re playing and having fun, that’s the main thing.” And it’s a first, you have to start well,” the organizers put it into perspective. They face stiff competition from the Geek Days in Lille and the Rêves de Geek in Phalempin, two events that are already gaining recognition among manga enthusiasts. The cosplays planned in Oignies declined the invitation at the last minute and are therefore not present at this first edition.

The players could compete against each other in the new FIFA 2024.The players could compete against each other in the new FIFA 2024.

Maggy and Lionel from Lionel’s Toy Box came as neighbors with their toys related to the Manga, Marvel and Disney universes. You will not have made any profit on that first day.

Nevertheless, video game tournaments have found their audience. This Saturday, players took part in a Fifa 2024 competition as well as Mario Kart racing. This Sunday it’s the game Fortnite in which players have to compete against each other.

The Oignies games continue this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Salle Jazy and the Sackgasse Savary-Bousquet. Entry €2.