Selfie Verification: Real-Time Use Cases of the Biometric Solution

Selfie verification is used to enhance the surveillance of the particular location of the companies. The face verification ensures that the same person is trying to sign in to the system. The organization must have to comply with the regulations so that they can preserve their credentials. The businesses implementing it regularly can observe an apparent rise in their profits. The biometric solutions enhance the companies’ daily function and ensure that the company is interacting with the right user.

What is Face Verification?

Deep learning face recognition makes sure that the same individual is trying to log in to the account, the organizations must have to integrate these solutions, so that they can preserve their credentials. The traditional ways of authentication were very time-intensive and tedious, the clients had to visit the company for the authentication. The people living in distant areas find it difficult to travel to the office for verification. They have to bear the travelling cost and their time is also utilized in such issues. Therefore it is suggested to employ the latest tools.

How Face Liveness Verification is Performed?

The clients submit their recent documents, and the system in the back end compares them with the previously stored data. It’s essential to ensure that the user has given the authentic papers. Hence, companies can quickly reduce their miscellaneous expenses. The advanced algorithms are trained to verify the clients and then monitor them. The whole process is done by artificial intelligence, which does not commit a mistake.

Face Liveness Verification: Accuracy and Reliability

Traditional investigations were error-prone, time intensive and burdensome for employees. Humans are biased by nature, so sometimes CEOs or CFOs favor one individual over the other. But the latest means are very authentic and make sure that only legal persons are verified. The machine learning tools are very reliable and the companies can completely rely on it.

Use Cases of Face Liveness Verification

The use of the Know Your Customer (KYC) face verification is extensive, it is implied in almost every field.

  • Airport

    Online face verification has created ease for passengers, as they do not have to visit the company for their flight booking. It can be done from anywhere on the earth, the visitors do not have to wait at the airport, their immigration is done by just facing the scanner.

  • Classrooms

    The biometric system is used to mark the attendance of the students, and also it can be implied in the admission process. The manual ways of documentation were very lengthy, but now the latest tools have resolved these issues, as a large number of students can be admitted in no time.

  • Advertising Campaigns

    The marketing activities of the organizations demand heavy expenditure, they understand the behavior of the client and then design the product accordingly. This process is very time-consuming as the marketers have to first target their clients and then determine their tastes. The verification system has resolved this issue, they sense the client’s feelings by reading their face. These scanners are installed in the shopping malls, to read the reviews of the customers.

  • Smartphones

    Selfie verification has been used for a long time, this is a built-in feature of mobile phones. This feature was first used by the Apple company, after this, the other cell phone organizations also started using this feature. It is used to open the phone, the user just has to face the camera and the phone is unlocked through it.

  • Banks

    The financial institutes are always at the edge of fraudulent activities, therefore the government has made it necessary for the companies to integrate the KYC. In 2022 almost $3 billion was lost due to investment fraud, this amount has increased the importance of the biometric solutions.

  • Offices

    In the offices the biometric system is used for recording the attendance, check and check-out of the employees. The organizations can simplify their activities and regulate their daily operations through it.


Selfie verification improves the brand image, as the company is safeguarded against fraudulent activities. The organization can increase its client’s reach, as the entire process is done digitally. Hence, companies must integrate biometric solutions to streamline their activities, ensuring that they quickly interact with authentic clients. The businesses can even verify their business partners, to obtain more information about them. This process is essential to get thorough information about the other party before getting into any legal partnership so that the risk rate can be mitigated.

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