Sea of ​​​​Stars: The phenomenal success of an independent game –

A real success for the Sabotage Studio

After the critical and commercial success of their previous game, The Messenger, the Studio sabotage was able to confirm his talent thanks Sea of ​​stars. The game has already sold at least 250,000 copies and that number has continued to rise since then. If you want to find out more about the gaming universe, you can also take a look at the Kickstarter campaign planned for this year.

  • editor : Sabotage
  • developer : Sabotage
  • Release date : 08/29/2023
  • Available on : Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch

The gaming experience: a return to the roots of role-playing games

Many players extol the virtues of old-school gameplay for Sea of ​​Stars. As a matter of fact, Here we find the sensations of an old school role-playing gamereminiscent of the flagship games of the 90s and early 2000s. This is a real breath of fresh air for nostalgic fans and an interesting discovery for the little ones.

Darlink60, a player who has already spent more than 12 hours playing the game, shares this opinion:

“I found the same atmosphere in Sea of ​​​​Stars as in the role-playing games of my childhood. »

A captivating and captivating plot

In addition to its successful gameplay, Sea of ​​stars also impresses with its gripping and well-crafted story. Players willingly immerse themselves in this universe full of twists and turns and enjoy exploring the different areas of the game.

Manuto, another convinced player, states:

I really liked the plot of Sea of ​​​​StarsIt’s original and captivating from start to finish. »

Positive and encouraging reactions

Player reactions to Sea of ​​​​Stars range between praise and constructive criticism and are predominantly positive. Some do not hesitate to express their satisfaction with the work of the Sabotage studio:

Ynvyctuth : “Well deserved.”

jyhel : “The game didn’t entirely convince me, but I’m still happy to have tested it on Game Pass.” »

Vg5000 : “I’ll test that out right away!” I hope that the studio’s next titles maintain this quality and humor. »

An achievement to qualify for certain players

Sea of ​​​​Stars characters

Despite the success of Sea of ​​starsStill, some players regret a certain lack of innovation. If the return to basics is appreciated by many, some would have liked more new features in the RPG genre.

Battosai expresses his point of view:

“Although I enjoyed playing Sea of ​​Stars, I found that the approach to the role-playing game lacked some originality. »

In short, a video game adventure not to be missed

A few minor flaws in no way detract from Sea of ​​Stars’ undeniable success among gamers around the world. Praised for his Gameplay and addictive storyline, this new title from Sabotage has won over RPG fans and confirmed the studio’s promising talent. For anyone looking to experience or relive an old-school RPG experience: Don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in the world of Sea of ​​​​Stars !