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According to a reliable leak, the Samsung Galaxy S24s will not surpass the 16 GB RAM mark. A strange decision when the manufacturer seems to be putting everything on AI. But we have our own ideas as to why.

Samsung Galaxy S24 design technical sheet what we know aboutGalaxy S24 Ultra concept created by a fan. // Source: 4RMD

As the January 17 announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones approaches, their spec sheets continue to leak like every year.

Knowing that the South Korean manufacturer will bet heavily on artificial intelligence in its next flagships, it obviously does not have the means yet, if we are to believe this latest information.

No 16 GB RAM for the S24 Ultra?

The leak comes to us from the always very informed Ice Universe on X (Twitter). The latter confirms that the Galaxy S24 will once again be limited to 8 GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra will continue to offer not 16 GB but 12 GB in its most expensive variant. There is hardly a Galaxy S24+ that would take the 8GB leap in 2024 by offering a version with 12GB of RAM.

Samsung would have good reason to be stingy with theSource : @Ice_Universe on X (Twitter)

While all competitors OnePlus and Xiaomi now offer smartphones with much more RAM, between 16 and even 24 GB of RAM, Samsung doesn’t seem to have decided to take the step.

And apparently, according to Revegnus on Twitter, the manufacturer would have considered an S24 Ultra with 16GB of RAM on a current prototype, which is generally reliable on these topics. Samsung would therefore have made the decision to stay on the same technical sheet so as not to increase the price of its smartphones.

1701340241 87 Samsung would have good reason to be stingy with theSource: @Tech_Reve on X (Twitter)

But if Samsung had made such a decision, it would also be because the manufacturer apparently relies on the performance of its memory and not its quantity, especially when it comes to AI.

A completely new type of memory for AI

Samsung released a video yesterday about a brand new type of DRAM memory that was announced earlier this year. This would offer high bandwidth and low latency and would specialize in “on-device” AI processing and gaming applications.

This so-called “Low Latency Wide IO” (LLW) memory would not replace traditional DRAM, but would be as close to the CPU as possible for greater efficiency.

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I accept everything

And we say that Samsung could well offer this LLW DRAM in the Galaxy S24 range, smartphones that would put artificial intelligence at the center, like the Google Pixel 8 did when it was announced.

If these assumptions are very likely given the manufacturer’s timing, to be on the safe side we will have to wait until January 17 for the official announcement of the Galaxy S24.

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