Samsung wants to try to compete with PlayStation and Xbox – Frandroid

To offset the decline in smartphone sales, Samsung wants to increase sales of its Galaxy in circulation. In particular, the company wants to market a cloud gaming service.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

How can we continue the endless growth demanded by shareholders when the smartphone market is stagnant or declining? Samsung now wants to increase the average revenue of each Samsung Galaxy user. The Korean media Hankyung believes it has discovered one of the solutions found by Samsung: the launch of a cloud gaming service.

On the way to a presentation in October

The company should unveil its new FE range this Wednesday, October 4th, coinciding with the presentation of the Google Pixel 8. But that would rather be during the Samsung Developer Conference 2, scheduled to open in San Francisco on October 5th, we would have the right to launch this new service.

This is a cloud gaming service where players connect to Samsung servers to stream video games. Previously, Samsung had worked with Xbox Cloud Gaming to offer such a service to Galaxy smartphone users. The giant might want to stand on its own two feet.

Games? Price ?

There would be no planned paid subscription to access Samsung’s cloud gaming, but access to each game would be paid, similar to GeForce Now. Samsung could market its service to game developers as an alternative to the Play Store and App Store. However, we don’t yet know the service’s catalog or the type of games Samsung is targeting.

The project currently seems to be dedicated to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but it will be interesting to find out if the company also plans to equip its televisions. A cloud gaming service requires extensive infrastructure and we can’t wait to see the presentation to understand the technical solutions used by Samsung.

Until now, cloud gaming has been the dream of many brands, but has never caught on. Google shut down Stadia a few months after launch, while neither GeForce Now nor Xbox Cloud Gaming seem to have won over enough people to justify the investments.

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