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Finally a TV that looks great in any living space!

Samsung The Serif TV Elegant design Samsung

When designing a living room, the position of the television often determines the final layout of the room. It is important to ensure that everyone has a good view of the television and that the position allows the cables and back panel to be hidden. What if your TV could be placed anywhere? What if it was more than just a black screen on the wall? What if your TV was an aesthetic element that enhanced the room?

Samsung’s The Serif does just that. Its unique design looks great from every angle and its designer aesthetic will make any home look great.

“We wanted to create a television that would inspire design enthusiasts,” he explains Pat Bugos, senior vice president of consumer electronics at Samsung Canada. “The Serif is special because it goes beyond everyday wall installation and offers stylish options that complement your space. It is really carefully designed to look great. »

The versatile 360-degree approach ensures The Serif looks elegant from front to back and side to side. There is no need to hide unsightly corners or panels. This freedom of style is extended by a removable stand, a practical option that allows you to place the Serif TV in different places, be it on the floor, on a table or even on a shelf, it’s pretty cool. A matte display gives it a classy look and makes the image, not the reflections, the star of the show. There’s also an Ambient mode that gives you more than just a black screen: think weather screens, your photos and even exclusive models designed by artists Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. You have the freedom to choose a look that fits the aesthetic of your home.

The Serif TV’s easy connectivity allows for incredible ease of use. With the Tap View feature, you can simply place your mobile device on The Serif TV to send everything you’ve been watching on your phone directly to the screen. Or use the Smart Hub to stream your favorite shows, movies and games in one place. And for those looking for more than just design, Samsung’s quantum dot technology delivers exceptional image quality. By automatically adjusting brightness for scenes that would otherwise be too dark or too bright, The Serif brings your favorite movies to life with realistic images, ensuring a superior viewing experience.

The TV is part of our daily life and Samsung is aware of this. The Serif TV combines technological advances and elevated aesthetics to inspire and deliver something revolutionary: a television that is a statement piece wherever you place it. Click here for details and further information!