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Quebec’s history is being reinvented through

Podcast Past Date

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Martin Landry, historian and teacher, shares his passion for history and discusses the publication of her first book: ” Past date: New France » written jointly by Raymond Médard, René Achim and in collaboration with an indigenous historian.

The podcast and the very first book
Past date
Stand out by telling Quebec’s story in an accessible way and highlighting long-neglected perspectives. Martin Landry emphasizes how important it is not to ideologize history, but rather to present it in a balanced manner and to encourage the public to form their own opinions.

Past date: New France » is a collection of fascinating anecdotes that reveal the complexities of Quebec’s history. Packed with images, illustrations and untold stories, it is designed to captivate a wide audience, from teenagers to adults.

This book and podcast are an invitation to explore the twists and turns of Quebec’s history, review the clichés and celebrate the richness of Quebec’s stories. History not only tells the past, it also illuminates the present and guides the future and helps us understand who we really are.

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