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This week Amazon is celebrating Prime Day. This process is reserved for Prime members and gives them XL savings on popular products. Here is the guide.

Prime Day has become an absolutely critical event at Amazon. Today, these 48 hours of good deals bring the e-commerce giant higher sales than on Black Friday. From this Monday evening at midnight until Wednesday evening, thousands of attractive offers are available to you. He has now published a few nuggets.

To persuade the public to buy, the motto is simple: the best products at the lowest price. So there are the most renowned brands in the world that are reducing the prices of their latest products to the delight of Prime members. If you’re not a member, you can also benefit from it with a free 30-day subscription.

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Prime Day on Amazon covers all product categories – from high-tech to cooking, sports, beauty and household appliances. If technology is logically one of the most popular categories on the Internet, everyone can find something interesting there. It’s just like Black Friday: thousands of offers are online.

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For 48 hours, from October 10th to 11th, Amazon is treating everyone to unique and cheeky discounts. They target the biggest brands. We can count on discounts on the latest products from Apple, Samsung or Microsoft. Since this weekend, Amazon has been offering huge discounts on numerous references such as the Echo, Blink or the Fire TV Stick. The PS5 and the Samsung Galaxy S23 are also included.

Big brands on Prime Day

Prime Day was invented for Amazon’s 20th anniversary and has been an annual event for the online retailer ever since. We now even find it twice a year: in July and October. During these 2 x 48 hours we have new offers for the rest of the year. Even the Black Friday deals are ridiculous compared to what we can see on Prime Day.

While the months of July and October are generally quiet for e-commerce, Amazon managed to make them explode with Prime Day. A month and a half before Black Friday, he organizes this promotion, which ensures even cheaper prices than on the famous “Black Friday”. This will also ensure less pressure in the month of November. The French are now ready to start giving Christmas presents in October and especially this weekend.

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When the offers are exclusive to Prime members, there is always the problem of inventory. Last year, on Black Friday, there was almost no inventory on Amazon and the event was not very good. There should be more inventory for this Prime Day, but it can happen very quickly. The majority of offers will be published on Tuesday morning at 00:01. Amazon then allows itself to run some one-off flash sales on the website – in order to regularly bring customers back during these 48 hours.

For those who want access to the best in high-tech offerings, we offer insurance coverage for the entire duration of the operation. You can find Amazon Prime Day offers directly on our homepage. If you want, you can also bookmark this page: it will be updated with the best offers. And be sure to take the opportunity to spend a few minutes on the Amazon site and look at the most attractive offers.

Why take out the Prime subscription?

As you may have noticed, Prime Day deals on Amazon are reserved for those who have subscribed to the Prime subscription. The latter is available for a monthly (6.99 euros) or annual (69.90 euros) fee. All come with a 30-day free trial as standard – you don’t even need a credit card. This way you can discover all the services included.

If the Prime formula is beneficial for the e-commerce part (access to VIP flash sales like Prime Day, free delivery within 24 hours), there is much more to it. For example, with this subscription you also get access to Prime Video, Prime Gaming and Prime Music. Amazon is currently also offering 4 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited – the competing version of Spotify. Prime Music is limited to 2 million tracks (compared to 50 million for Unlimited).

If you compare the price of a Netflix subscription (Prime Video competitor) and a Spotify subscription (Prime Music competitor – certainly more comprehensive), the Prime subscription is extremely profitable. In the end, you have real convenience in e-commerce with numerous services. If you want to try it out, you can also find the best prices during the current Prime Day.

People realized that this formula was unbeatable: more than 200 million people subscribed to Prime. They are also the ones who can exclusively benefit from the best Prime Day offers. The latter is global: it takes place in France, but also in all other countries in the world where Amazon is present. Stock outs can happen much quicker than you think.

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