Prada will design NASA suits for Artemis III –

Prada signs first revolutionary partnership with an aerospace company to design and design NASA suits. These outfits are planned for the next lunar mission Artemis III (2025).

The first woman to land on the moon will wear Prada?

Humanity plans to set foot on the moon again as part of an upcoming space mission called Artemis III. The trip is planned for 2025 and will take astronauts to a still unexplored area of ​​the moon, its south pole.

A still unexplored area, but also a woman among the crew, but not only. This Expedition includes other new features including New generation wetsuits designed in collaboration with Axiom Space and Italian haute couture house Prada.

This upcoming lunar journey will be the first manned lunar landing since the historic Apollo 17 mission in 1972 Prada’s first trip into space (although the House of Representatives usually leaves the podium to attend sporting events such as the Luna Rossa yachting event).

Prada: Ensuring mobility and flexibility for internet users

Prada will be responsible for producing the outer layers of the suits for NASA’s next lunar mission. Designers must ensure that the The material is light enough to ensure mobility and flexibility for astronauts. This simultaneously protects the interior from the unforgiving and unpredictable environment of space.

Prada has extensive expertise in clothing design technologically advanced materialsexplains Michael Suffredini, director of Axiom Space. The house will leverage decades of experimentation and know-how High-tech material designadds Lorenzo Bertelli, marketing director of the Italian brand.

According to Prada and Axiom Space, these combinations will exist an improved version of NASA’s extravagant exploration spacesuits. In addition to security, they provide Comfort and flexibility So that astronauts can explore the moon under the best conditions.

New technologies and design techniques

Without going into details, Prada and Axiom Space say they are using new technology and design techniques for these suits, called the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU).

The suits are intended to facilitate lunar exploration and the work of scientists. Axiom Space and Prada’s creations will provide NASA with systems that Enable the crew to work and live on the moon.

For example, according to Axiome Space, the suits will have: personalized gloves AxEMU, which enables scientists work with certain tools. The suits are designed to meet exploration needs and expand the range of discovery possibilities.