PlayStation Plus: Are subscribers disappointed with it? "Bonuses" Bonus? Find out what they think! – Popcorn game

Hello gamers and pop culture fans! This year, PlayStation Plus has had its ups and downs. It’s clear that the service’s price increase didn’t really please fans.

A few months ago, the price of PlayStation Plus rose by about a third across all categories. While nothing has changed for the essential and additional categories, new benefits have been introduced for premium subscribers. To justify the price increase, Sony introduced cloud streaming for premium users – but only if you use a PS5 – and the Sony Pictures Core catalog, a rather disappointing selection of free movies to watch. As many have already pointed out, they subscribe to PlayStation Plus for games, not movies. When it comes to gaming, subscribers across platforms have criticized recent offerings as “disappointing,” with premium subscribers saying the tier is no longer worth it.

You can get Sable as part of the December freebies for the Essential category. Check out the game in action below.

Reddit user Jackyy205 started the discussion. “PS Plus is not worth it in my opinion,” he wrote. “The reason I chose Premium the most, and I think most people do, was the catalog of classic games. And…it’s really not that great. […] I think streaming needs to be fixed. It’s really not that bad, but I had trouble playing. […] I actually think demos are really cool, but we’ve had free demos for years, so paying for hour-long demos is a bit strange. »

They concluded by addressing the high prices, adding that they would rather pay for essential or additional categories. It’s a feeling shared by many users. Sm211 wrote: “The Extra is the best value I have found. The Games Catalog has saved me a lot of money on games I would have bought anyway, so I think it offers the best value for money.” while one user said: “I agree, most old games suck … I’ll take the extra next time.” […] I couldn’t use my monthly trials at all, most of these games suck too. »

An Amillstone diplomat commented: “Premium is great if you’re new to the PlayStation ecosystem and haven’t played some of the older games. Or if you don’t want to wait hours to download a game you’re unsure about and want to just stream it instead. It has its uses, but I think it only appeals to a minority of players. » Let’s hope PlayStation Plus does better in 2024.

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