Players are destroying Starfield during the Christmas holidays… ratings that could cause it to crash? –

Gaming News Players Destroy Starfield During Christmas Vacation… Reviews That Could Cause It to Crash?

Published on December 26, 2023 at 5:20 p.m


Ouch, bad news for Starfield, the space action RPG. During the Christmas holidays, Bethesda’s latest title received even more criticism from apparently very dissatisfied players.

Starfield received no help during the Christmas holidays. On Steam, the overall rating of the game went from “somewhat positive” to “average”. The reason ? THE “More than 7,000 recent reviews.”65% of these are negative. A recurring criticism is the outdated gameplay, which is too reminiscent of other Bethesda video games. The result just ends up looking like a mix between Skyrim and Fallout in space.

Players are destroying Starfield during the Christmas holidays... ratings that could cause it to crash?

Something was confirmed in the latest reviews on the platform : “Okay, it’s nice… but you get bored quickly. I’m a Bethesda fan though. The game mechanics are outdated and the difficulty level is non-existent. If the quests are cool, the exploration quickly goes in circles. “It’s a real shame because the promise was great,” says a player with almost 300 hours of play at the time of the evaluation. “The story may be interesting, but the whole thing is not immersive. Environments, dungeons, enemies, etc. “They all look the same,” complains a second with 200 hours on his side. However, Bethesda’s latest title could be promising. The studio had decided to release a brand new license for the first time in 25 years. However, this space role-playing game failed to catch on with players.

Is Starfield a game built to last?

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Players are destroying Starfield during the Christmas holidays... ratings that could cause it to crash?

Despite the mixed feedback, the title managed to reach 12 million players after three months on sale. “I mean, as a game developer, your only real goal is for fans to play your project and love it. 12 million fans? It’s hard not to be happy about this,” said Emil Pagliarulo, design director and Bethesda Game Studios veteran, in a post on X (formerly Twitter). Over and beyond, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, wants Starfield to last in the long term. “In speaking with the team, it is clear that they have a desire to provide space exploration and space enthusiasts with the same opportunity.” We have confirmed to the community that they will have a mod creation tool that they can use to create their own Starfield content can, which is crucial for Skyrim,” he said in an interview at CCXP in Brazil. All that remains to be seen is whether the modding community will stay loyal to the title to keep it running.

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