Play dancing Halloween characters with this montage site –

To celebrate Halloween and have fun, it is possible to create funny montages on the JibJab website using our photos. We can play as the Adams family, Frankenstein and the undead and more. We explain how this works in this column.

JibJab is the name of the popular website that allows you to place your face and those of your friends in place of the dancing characters in a humorous video.

For Halloween, JibJab offers no fewer than 35 photos and videos in which we and our entourage can appear.

Whether we’re more of a zombie, vampire, werewolf or pumpkin type, we’re sure to find an animation that suits our needs.

The kind of little montage that makes you laugh every time!

Special Halloween JibJab

The JibJab website contains hundreds of photos and videos on various topics in which you can become a star alone or with friends!

In autumn it is the theme of Halloween that interests us. Every photo or video has its own style and staging. Mostly we talk about dancing characters, but it’s all there!

There are more than 35 photos and videos to personalize for Halloween. You can find yourself in the Adams family environment, embody Frankenstein and the undead, or even embody a character who bursts after eating too much Halloween candy.

The site is super easy to use and requires no editing skills. Basically all you have to do is upload photos, frame the faces and indicate where the mouth is. The JibJab website takes care of the rest!

JibJab Halloween

By using the site for free without creating an account, it is possible to preview photos and videos, giving plenty of time for a good laugh.

What are the JibJab subscription prices and what are the benefits?

However, if our friends are not behind our screen and we want to share our laughter with them, we have to take out a paid subscription.

It costs around $24 for 6 months and $36 for 1 year. The advantage of paying the subscription directly in the web version of JibJab is that we also have access to the Android and iOS version application.

The reason why it is often cheaper with the web version is that the price does not include the commission paid to Apple and Google Play Store!!! Yes yes, it is often cheaper to take out a subscription online than in apps!

JibJab is the kind of website where you can have hours of fun making all sorts of crazy videos!

This fun website also allows you to create fun video and photo montages with colleagues, friends and family for various holidays such as Christmas. Something to pass the time during the holidays and on our days off.


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