Pigeons solve problems like artificial intelligence | Slate.fr – Slate.fr

Researchers at Ohio State University and the University of Iowa found that pigeons used a brute force method of solving problems (that is, testing all possible combinations one at a time), similar to the method used in artificial intelligence, Insider points out.

The researchers gave the birds a test. The latter had to classify lines and rings of different widths by clicking a button. If they answered correctly, they were rewarded with a treat.

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Through trial and error, the pigeons gradually improved their performance, increasing from 55% to 95% correct response rate. The scientists conducted the same tests with the AI ​​and found that it also learned to reduce the number of errors.

Are pigeons smarter than us?

The study explains that pigeons have advanced cognitive and attentional processes and can solve a wide range of categorization tasks.

According to Brandon Turner, a psychology professor at Ohio State University, these results suggest that pigeons are “incredibly efficient” natural learners. On the other hand, they do not know how to generalize information like humans do.

Conversely, people tend to abandon tasks such as those given to pigeons if they cannot find rules to understand these tasks.

“Pigeons don’t try to make rules,” Turner notes. They simply harness the raw power of trial and error and associative learning. This allows them to perform better than humans on certain types of tasks.”