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PassMark Benchmark – Core i9-14900K

Intel’s next flagship model, the Core i9-14900K, performs well under the Passmark benchmark. In the single-core range, it is the fastest CPU in the application database.

This Core i9-14900K is part of the next generation of Core known as Raptor Lake Refresher. It’s not “really” a new architecture, as Intel will offer a “refresh” of the existing architecture while it waits for the next big meeting, scheduled for next year. The range is organized according to several references to cover a wide market segment. Although the launch is imminent, Intel has remained very discreet. Despite rumors suggesting formalization during the innovation event, this did not happen.

As for the showcase of this range, it is the Core i9-14900K, which will logically succeed the current Core i9-13900K. Its mechanics will be based on 16 physical cores and 32 threads. The giant has planned 8 P-Cores with Hyper-Threading technology and 16 E-Cores without the latter. The set is accompanied by a 36MB Smart Cache and a thermal envelope of 125W (PL1) compared to 253W in PL2. As a base, it should run at 3.2 GHz and possibly provide a maximum of 6.0 GHz. We therefore find an architecture that is close to that of the Core i9-13900K and at the same time benefits from a frequency increase of 200 MHz.

Core i9-14900K, an impressive single-core processor.

PassMark Benchmark – Core i9-14900K

In terms of performance, it seems very promising, especially in the single-core range. THE different entrances identified It is the most powerful processor in the PassMark benchmark database. It outperforms its older brother by 3.5% and its big brother, the Core i9-12900KF, by 18%.

In the multi-core range, the results are more inconsistent and are close to the Core i9-13900K. Interestingly, Ryzen chips work wonders here. The Ryzen 9 7950X achieves a first with a comfortable lead.

The Raptor Lake Refresh series is expected next month. The indiscretions speak of a launch on October 17th with the reference “K”. This is the latest core generation in the LGA 1700 format.