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The open source digital workplace Twake Workplace is actively preparing. Its publisher, Linagora, has just announced its key strategic guidelines. Release planned for 2024. Here are the first elements.

It combines all the collaboration functions required by the company around the Twake solution Open sourceThe new Twake Workplace offering, announced at the Open Source Experience, will synthesize several nested software programs: Twake Mail for email, Twake Chat for discussions, Twake Drive for files, Twake Calendar for appointments, and Twake Visio for video conferencing.

The offer that is to come compete directly with Google Workplace, but also Microsoft 365 and Infomaniak kSuite presents itself as a digital workspace that is truly open source and able to ensure a secure platform compliant with GDPR standards in Europe.

Twake Workplace will take care of it both large customers and SMEs Looking for technological independence, Diana Potokina, VP Software at Linagora explains: “We want to provide the best user experience within a real world.” Alternative to GAFAM solutions. Twake Workplace is based on the most important standards and protocols of the free Internet to ensure the greatest possible interoperability. Our goal is to offer our users a confident solution, but without compromising usage. We can count on a team of experts like our CTO Software, Xavier Guimard, the inventor of LemonLDAP, or Benoit Tellier, our product owner for Twake Mail and chairman of the James community. »

Two concrete examples of this commitment:

  • Twake Mail is based on the JAMES mail server, Developed under the Apache Foundation (the most demanding foundation in terms of community criteria and open source governance), which implements the JMAP protocol and revolutionizes the use and functionality of email in companies.
  • Twake Chat is based on the Matrix protocol the only one capable of offering a unified experience without interruptions, like the instant messaging platforms GAFAM, which are subject to American extraterritorial laws.

Future announcements will be posted on the Linagora website.

Note to readers: Linagora has been funding the website GoodTech.info (formerly Toolinux) since May 2000.

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