Orange Fiber: Which Sosh Box or Livebox is Best for Very High Speed? – Ariase

You’ve all noticed: the average price of an internet subscription has increased significantly in 2023. Our barometer for the month of December confirmed an increase of 13.8% and an average price of €32.62 per month for an entry-level fiber subscription with range. So this new year, check your subscription and bills: it might be the right time to migrate!

Connection quality and performance

Regardless of whether you subscribe to Sosh ‘la Boîte’ or an Orange Livebox, in both cases you inherit that same modem: a Livebox 5.

In both cases, if this is your first time working with fiber optic, Installation of the box by a specialized technician at your home is free. In both cases, the wireless connection is from the modem to your connected devices in Wi-Fi 5 (ac).

However, Orange has reserved a higher speed: 500 Mbit/s both downloading and sending, with Sosh seeing its throughput limited to 300 Mbit/s (up down). But rest assured because it’s still three times faster than the best ADSL connection and you can download your evening movie in under a minute.

Let’s compare the services

No significant difference for the telephony component: we will save on both offers Unlimited calls to all landlines from France and around a hundred international destinations. If that’s enough for you, there’s no need to go any further: Sosh’s dual-play offering will obviously be the more profitable of the two.

Because Sosh offers the TV decoder for rent for 5 €/month. Despite it, the Orange TV application and its 72 channels is offered free upon request and is available on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or console, but not on your TV.

However, With Orange you automatically get a 4K UHD decoder to access the bouquet 140 Orange channels and replay services from your TV. If desired, delivery includes a voice remote control with an integrated Alexa assistant and allows access to 300 hours of recordings of your favorite programs. But be careful: you have to come to terms first Activation fee of €40 (i.e. the price for 8 months decoder rental at Sosh).

And the price?

There is no minimum commitment required with Sosh. And without a TV decoder, the promotional price is €20.99 for the first 6 months an excellent offer. However, to be completely fair, it is better to compare with renting the decoder for €5 per month, which brings the price to €25.99 for the first 6 months, €1 more than the Livebox!

However, there are no activation fees for the decoder the final price of the subscription is only €10 more expensive, while the Livebox costs €42.99/month in the long term. Additionally, you must commit to at least one year.

The calculation is simple: in the first year At Sosh it’s ultimately €75 less, albeit with less bandwidth and TV channels. THE The first 6 months of the Canal+ subscription offered by Orange With a minimum subscription of one year, are they enough to make the difference?