Oral-B: This best-selling electric toothbrush is available at Cdiscount – Le Parisien at a bargain price

Since there are only around twenty units left, the Oral-B iO 9 electric toothbrush will not be available on Cdiscount for much longer. Many consumers have decided to take advantage of this €107.89 promotion and switch to a modern electric toothbrush model. If you want to maintain impeccable dental hygiene, using this type of toothbrush is highly recommended by dentists. Because this allows not only to maintain the integrity of your gums, but also to adapt your brushing to 7 different fully automatic modes. Cdiscount offers this Oral-B iO 9 electric toothbrush at a price of 207.99 euros instead of 315.88 euros. But that’s not all. With this purchase you will also benefit from a refund of up to 70 euros for selected Cdiscount products.

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Discover the benefits of the Oral-B iO 9 electric toothbrush

The Oral-B iO 9 electric toothbrush has a colorful display system that shows you which brushing mode is best for your teeth. Thanks to the micro-vibrations that the round brush head emits at its end, this toothbrush is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth and fresh breath. As soon as there is a risk of gum damage, a signal sounds. This Oral-B iO 9 model stands out primarily for its technology based on artificial intelligence. It can be connected via Bluetooth to provide 3D brushing monitoring that is truly tailored to your needs. With this toothbrush you will learn how to improve your brushing technique. A quick 3-hour charge is enough to keep your teeth perfectly white.

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