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As Black Friday approaches, it is already possible to take advantage of many preview offers, but it is also an opportunity to stock up on Christmas gift ideas. For example, to give your gaming setup a facelift, you can swap your dusty PC screen for this Dell G2422HS, an excellent 24-inch monitor whose price drops to just €109 in the official store.

Only E109 for this Dell gaming PC screen 24quot165 Hz

It appears that Dell is already Black Friday and is having special offers on its PC screens and other accessories. The American manufacturer, which specializes in office automation equipment, is also doing well in the gaming sector, with references currently on sale, some in the order of 40 to 50%. This is particularly true of this 24-inch gaming monitor, the Dell G2422HS, which benefits from a 44% reduction and whose price drops to just 109 euros in the official store.

The Dell G2422HS in a few words

  • A 23.8-inch Full HD IPS LCD panel
  • A refresh rate of 165 Hz
  • Compatible with FreeSync Premium and G-Sync

Instead of the crossed-out price of 194.80 euros, the Dell G2422HS is now available in the official store for 109 euros. The same applies to the 27-inch version, whose price drops from 218.84 euros to 131.02 euros at the same dealer.

A simple screen that doesn’t take up space

Like the many screens offered in the Dell catalog, the G2422HS does not stand out either for its design or for its advanced ergonomics. It is only adjustable in height and inclination. Thanks to its dimensions, it is at least easy to handle and is even compatible with the VESA standard 100 x 100 mm, which allows it to be hung on the wall or on a screen mount. The equipment includes the bare essentials with two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort 1.2 and a 3.5 mm jack connection.

The 24-inch screen, 23.8 inches to be precise, is an IPS LCD panel with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). This results in a resolution that is perfectly adapted to the screen format and thanks to the IPS display technology, this screen offers open viewing angles, which are very popular with gamers. It also benefits from good colorimetry with 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum and anti-reflection treatment for use in a bright environment.

Perfect liquid for playing

The Dell G2422HS is a visual eye-catcher, but a gaming screen must, above all, count on excellent fluidity. This one benefits from a 165Hz refresh rate, making it suitable for all types of video games, especially those that don’t allow downtime, such as. B. FPS or car racing games. The Dell G2422HS is a smooth screen, but it’s also responsive thanks to its response time that drops to just one millisecond, eliminating motion blur.

Finally, like any self-respecting gaming PC screen, the Dell G2422HS is compatible with AMD’s FreeSync premium sync technologies, but also with Nvidia’s G-Sync, which offers slightly better quality performance. Thanks to them, the screen display and the performance of the graphics card are synchronized, which helps prevent blurring, stuttering and tearing during gaming sessions.

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