OnePlus 12 is expected to launch in 2024 as an Android flagship smartphone with charging specifications for 2023 –

Currently, the 12 is expected to launch with OnePlus’ brightest display and best display, not to mention the fastest display, fastest SoC and highest quality RAM. Its flagship series. With all these rumors about updates, the brand seems to have forgotten to improve some of the highlights of the OnePlus 11.

In any case, OnePlus is said to have thought about equipping the next smartphone with new power bricks that have the model numbers VCBAHBCH and VCBAOBCH. They appeared as part of the 12’s 3C certification and were discovered by a famous leaker. Spotted by famous leaker Digital Chat Station as the device moves closer to an initial (possibly imminent) launch in the Chinese market.

Despite this obvious upgrade, the new accessory won’t charge its companion smartphone at more than 11V/9.1A, something familiar to fans of the 11’s wired charging. However, the 12 may not charge as quickly as its predecessor – although it may also last longer – thanks to the supposedly updated battery capacity.

It’s also expected to benefit from additional features like wireless charging technology that aren’t even found in OnePlus’ new foldable device.

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