Nothing's Phone (2) gets Android 14 – Les Numériques

Although the Nothing brand is still young compared to the leaders in the field of mobile telephony, it shows its desire to establish itself among the manufacturers that pay the most attention to their customers. It has thus proven to be one of the first companies to be able to offer a beta version of Android 14 with its Nothing OS interface from October 2023. Carl Pei’s company today announces the deployment of the final version of its system to its users from Samsung. His system also adopts version 2.5.

New features include a modernized user interface. The interface that allows you to redesign the home screen and lock screen has been redesigned, and new options for wallpapers are available: it is possible to convert photo wallpapers into wallpapers. dynamic screens, but also adding a “glass” effect filter or using a solid color wallpaper. The Glyph light animations specific to Nothing have some new features, in particular a countdown synchronized with the Google calendar, predefined timers also accessible from the lock screen or even the reporting of NFC usage through the Glyph interface.

New gestures and shortcuts

Nothing OS 2.5 also introduces new gestures and shortcuts, such as the ability to select an application of your choice, which can be accessed by double-clicking the phone’s power button (2), but also the use of other shortcuts accessible from the lock screen or are available Take a screenshot of a three-finger swipe gesture. There are also new widgets, including one for the pedometer function and another for screen time, as well as various system fixes.

Whether this update is gradually available on the phone (2) has not yet been announced on the phone (1). However, nothing suggests that the first smartphone will be entitled to an open beta version of Android 14 “very soon”, while waiting for the presentation of a third smartphone. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February 2024, the brand wants to present something new: it will undoubtedly be the Phone (3).

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