Nintendo’s Switch 2: an update on the rumors – Futura

Nintendo is working on the successor to its best-selling console. What can we expect from it? Let’s do a check-in…

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The Switch is the best-selling console in NintendoNintendo’s history: more than 129.5 million units. The immense bestsellers such as Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing New Horizon and Zelda: Breath of the Wild have contributed significantly to this triumph, especially since, like Pokémon, they are exclusive licenses from Nintendo.

The fact remains that the Switch was launched in 2017 and that Sony and MicrosoftMicrosoft are marking their territory, be it with the PS5 or the Xbox Series multiplication on all kinds of releases…

A September 2024 release?

If various indiscretions from VCG are to be believed, the Switch’s successor will appear in the second half of 2024. Nintendo’s big concern would be to do everything it can to avoid stock shortages like when the WiiWii launched in 2006. WCCFTech goes one step further and advances the date to September 24th, 2024 or alternatively November 3rd. Enough to cause panic over the number of pre-orders on Amazon and elsewhere. The same source, apparently well-informed, claims that the new console will be sold in the basic version for $449.

An LCD screen and optics reminiscent of the DS?

Last May, Bloomberg revealed that Sharp had opted for an optimized LCD screen – after an executive made a mistake in a meeting with shareholders. This choice of LCD instead of OLED would help reduce production costs.

Additionally, in November 2022, Nintendo filed a patent for a dual-screen device reminiscent of the device previously used for the DS.

What about power?

Computing power is usually the advantage of both Microsoft and Sony consoles. What about the new Switch? Leaked documents from game maker Activision suggest that the Switch 2 would have similar performance to the PlayStation 4. Some journalists attended a private demo and some rare speculation suggests that the Switch 2 would be capable of running the advanced Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. and will integrate artificial intelligence capabilities. In addition, a man named Felipe Lima assured that the console would have enough RAM: 12 GB. According to the same source, the Far Cry 7 game – an open world – will be released simultaneously with the Switch 2. Another “leaker”. » named after Zippo suggests that Nintendo is working on a new version of the classic Donkey Kong!