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The new license gives CHUM access to ERS’ CRISPR/Cas9 patent portfolio.

DUBLIN and MONTRAL, October 25, 2023 /CNW/ – ERSGenomicsLimited (ERS) is pleased to announce a new license agreement with CHUM Research Center (CRCHUM). This is a non-exclusive license agreement granting CRCHUM research rights to ERS’ CRISPR/Cas9 patent portfolio.

Dr. EmmanuelleCharpentier, founder of ERSGenomics, received the 2020 Nobel Prize for the discovery of CRISPR/Cas9. As a direct result, ERS’s patent portfolio represents the ultimate ownership of this gene editing technology.

The CHUM Research Center is the largest research center in the field of biomedical sciences and healthcare at the University of Montreal. It is one of the largest and most modern in Canada.

With the acquisition of this new license, the CHUM research center now has both the technological and legal capacity to carry out research projects with commercial partners, explained Vincent Poitout, research director at the hospital center. from the University of Montreal (CHUM). ) and scientific director of the CRCHUM.

ricRhodes, CEO of ERS Genomics, was also enthusiastic about this new assignment: Canada’s role in the biotechnology landscape is becoming increasingly important worldwide. The bioeconomy in particular is experiencing rapid growth and Montreal stands out as a notable center. Perfectly aligned with our corporate vision, this licensing agreement with CRCHUM in Canada represents a critical step towards expanding the use of CRISPR/Cas9 on a global scale.

Financial details of the contract are not disclosed.

About the CRCHUM

The CHUM Research Center (CRCHUM) is one of the premier hospital research centers in North America. Its goal is to improve adult health through a research continuum that includes disciplines such as basic science, clinical research and population health. More than 2,150 people work at CRCHUM, including almost 500 researchers and almost 650 students and postdocs.

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About ERSGenomics

ERSGenomics is a biotechnology company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company was founded to provide broad access to the fundamental CRISPR/Cas9 intellectual property that Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier belongs. Non-exclusive licenses are available for research and sales of products and services in many areas, including research instruments, kits, reagents, discovery of new targets for therapeutic interventions, cell lines for discovery and screening of new drug candidates, and GMP production of health products, health of pets and farm animals, production of industrial materials such as enzymes, biofuels and chemicals, and synthetic biology. ERS holds more than 100 patents worldwide.

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