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Nacon launches a new gaming headset: the RIG 600 Pro HX, whose versatility commands respect. Especially below the 100 euro mark.

When you go into a line of audio accessories designed specifically for gaming use, it’s possible that something gets lost. The brands offer numerous models, with prices ranging from a few dozen euros (for the most modest models) to several hundred euros (for the most luxurious models). The RIG 600 Pro HX, designed by Nacon, belongs to the first category: it is a wireless model that aims to offer as many features as possible to ensure good value for money.

Its main selling point is undoubtedly its versatility: although the RIG 600 Pro HX is designed for the Xbox ecosystem, it is also fully compatible with PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, PCs and mobile platforms. For €100 you buy a product that connects to everything you own or will own in the future. This will help you avoid multiple purchases.

Strong points

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • The double connection
  • Lightweight and well made

Weak points

  • Fixed microphone
  • The design of the headband
  • Audio playback can be refined through the application

A design worthy of the gaming market


The comfort of a helmet also depends on its weight. The RIG 600 Pro HX weighs only 240 grams.

The RIG 600 Pro HX does not want to hide its affiliation with the gaming market. The result is an aggressive design based on a tire pierced with multiple patterns. This aesthetic attribute, which we can deplore if we prefer sobriety, is toned down by the black paintwork without decorations. This means that the accessory is not decorated with multi-colored LEDs when switched on, as some competitors like to do. The RIG 600 Pro HX is equipped with a fixed microphone that, admittedly, is somewhat cumbersome to retract into the left earpiece. You have to save somewhere.

Nacon has really thought of everything

The product exudes stability, with very stiff plastic and foam parts that we don’t fear will last longer. Nacon even goes so far as to certify the headband as “virtually indestructible.” On the other hand, and this choice may seem surprising, the RIG 600 Pro HX only offers three settings for the headband: S, M or L. All you have to do is attach the two earbuds at the desired height, depending on your body shape and pray that the Lack of flexibility does not have a negative impact on comfort. The earcups and top of the headband are padded well enough to avoid this problem. However, if you are between sizes, you may experience some discomfort over time. Other headsets offer more amplitude adjustment.

Nacon RIG 600 Pro HX Headset // Source: Maxime Claudel for You must attach the headset by selecting a size // Source: Maxime Claudel for

Double connection for less than €100

The RIG 600 Pro HX comes with a USB-C dongle that offers a 2.4GHz wireless frequency connection. It has a switch that allows it to be compatible either with Xbox consoles (symbolized by a console-shaped logo) or with other devices (PS5, etc.). If necessary, a USB-C to USB-A adapter is included in the packaging, proof that Nacon has really thought of everything.

The headset also features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect to your smartphone or tablet like any wireless audio accessory. It is even capable of maintaining a double connection. With a simple press of a button you can switch from radio frequency mode (gaming) to Bluetooth mode or keep both at the same time. What’s the point? A legal example: Answer a call on your smartphone during a game without having to remove the headset. A less legal example: playing on the console while listening to an important meeting at work.

Nacon RIG 600 Pro HX Headset // Source: Maxime Claudel for Very comfortable earphones // Source: Maxime Claudel for

Another argument for the RIG 600 Pro HX: There is a full application on iOS and Android to personalize the experience. This is useful for making updates or accessing an equalizer with specific presets (improved bass, improved vocals, clarity, etc.). There is even an expert mode to control the acoustic part even more precisely. For a product that costs less than €100, these options are truly remarkable.

For furtherChristmas headphonesNacon RIG 600 Pro HX Headset // Source: Maxime Claudel for The microphone is retractable but fixed // Source: Maxime Claudel for

Correct sound, nothing more

The RIG 600 Pro HX is equipped with two 40mm drivers that promise “unprecedented audio quality.” Behind this pretty marketing speech, the reality is not so rosy. The product, tested in our case on the PS5 and then with an iPhone for music, offers the essentials: a fairly neutral signature, not to say flat, but with enough detail to satisfy most of the time. The default rendering still lacks a bit of bass and a little pass through the application won’t be too much to adjust it to your needs.

Good point about spatiality: For a title like Alan Wake 2, the 360-degree soundscape works quite well, with immersion accentuated as needed. We still find the RIG 600 Pro HX to be a bit reserved, but that restraint is actually an advantage: since it’s not muscular enough to do more, it’s better not to fall into the trap of poorly controlled braggadocio. Here too you have to consider the price: for less than 100 euros you have to know how to lower your requirements.

There are currently no offers available

The judgment

We would like

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • The double connection
  • Lightweight and well made

We liked it less

  • Fixed microphone
  • The design of the headband
  • Audio playback can be refined through the application

Wireless, versatile, capable of maintaining a connection to two sources at the same time, light, well made… Nacon’s RIG 600 Pro HX is not lacking in arguments. And in terms of price, we can hardly attack it. For less than 100 euros, it proves to be very generous in the crucial criteria.

However, you shouldn’t expect mountains and wonders. On the audio side, there are better ones on the market. And its design, which revolves around a ring with three fixed sizes, can be disadvantageous depending on the morphology. But we generally won’t make a bad choice by buying the RIG 600 Pro HX.

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