My arms are falling, Skull & Bones is unconventional again – Always For Keyboard

It was worrying, then surprising, then amusing, and now normal: Skull & Bones has just been delayed again.

The pirate game, developed by Ubisoft Singapore should appear several times on different dates and is now planned for early 2024; The financial year mentioned by Yves Guillemot ends on March 31st next yearThis gives developers five months to complete their project.

The big question is, what will Skull & Bones be? In July 2020, the game was relaunched internally to take a new direction, much to the team’s dismay. This was clearly not enough because in September 2022 a new layer took place. Again in January of this year, without Ubisoft being able to explain why and how.

If one can give a beginning of an answer, it has to be said that the game’s beta test was, to say the least, disappointing. In fact, it is impossible for the pirates we embody to land on an island plunder the treasures. For a game scheduled for 2023 – or rather 2024 – and in development for several years, it’s obviously pretty sad. However, we can hope that Ubisoft Singapore took advantage of this extra time to bring it More features to Skull & Bones, which makes it a little more exciting than a Quietly Sailing At Sea Simulator.

In the meantime, we’re not afraid to take another look at the gameplay trailer as we patiently wait for a release trailer!