Music: Gladys Samba and the Moms sign “Ya Mizole” | All news from the Congo Basin – Central African Information Agency

“Ya Mizolé” means “number two” in the Lari language. The general praise that falls on Mamans du Congo’s career can only be justified with this album. Still in the continuity of the authentication of the first EPs, the Afro-feminist group, accompanied by their producer RRobin, aptly symbolizes the emancipation of African women.

In this new album, where we find songs like Ntima, Dia, Consolation, Maria, Lamentation, Mbemba, Loango Weaver, Futa Nfuka, Sala Sala, Yobo Yobo Armel and the Mamans du Congo with their captivating choirs, we take up the tradition of again on the ancient Kongo kingdom, the electronic percussions and grime sounds of RRobin’s machines, which underline the committed words of their leader Gladys Samba.

Les Mamans du Congo also embody a discourse focused on the future of African women and the influence of Congolese creativity.

The group Les Mamans du Congo was founded in 2018 under the leadership of Gladys Samba and is known for its fight for the emancipation of women. It is a women’s collective supported by the powerful voices including those of Gladys Samba, Odette Valdemar, Ghaba koubeba and Argea Deodalsy kimbembe, Penine Livangou Tombet, Emira Fraye Milisanda Madieta.