Mooc Scikit-learn – until November 7, 2024 – Thot

Build predictive models with scikit-learn!

With this online course available in English you will learn the basics of machine learning and how to use the Python Scikit Learn library. This MOOC is accessible to anyone with basic Python programming knowledge.

Education, Developed by Scikit Learn creative teamfocuses on use cases and works on Python code that participants run. From a practical perspective, everything is integrated into the MOOC – so participants don’t need to install anything.

With this MOOC you can:

  • understand the basic concepts of machine learning;
  • Build a predictive modeling pipeline with scikit-learn.
  • develop the intuitions behind machine learning models, from linear models to decision trees;
  • Evaluate the statistical performance of your models.

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  • Basic knowledge of Python programming: defining variables, writing functions, importing modules;
  • Previous knowledge of NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib libraries is recommended but not required.

With more than 2,000 contributors worldwide, 70 million visits to the site in 2021, a ranking of the third most used free machine learning software in the world, the Inria-Académie des Sciences 2019 Innovation Prize: scikit-learn is a success confirmed by existence is a consortium of user companies that finance its developments!

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