“Monster Hunter now”, the test: Encountering a monster on the street corner – La Voix du Nord

Remember Pokémon Go, the augmented reality hunting game for mobile devices? Already published in 2016 and with enormous success, it still exists, is doing quite well, but it wasn’t neither the first nor the last augmented reality game for mobile devices, but secured ultimate fame for its publisher Niantic, which has since reused its topography of the world to introduce other gaming universes. So now we come to Monster Hunter, which doesn’t offer you the opportunity to catch pocket monsters encountered in your city, but rather to always kill monsters in your city that don’t fit in your pocket at all.

The “competition” from Pokémon Go is completely relative, because the game comes from the same publisher and is also based on a cult franchise from Japan. monster hunter, For Capcom in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is simply the most famous franchise in their catalogWhen we’re at home, we prefer Street Fighter 2 or Resident Evil, despite the very real success of the series. This variant of Pokémon Go is here and worth a look. It would have much greater success than the poor NBA All World Game, which despite good press, particularly here, failed to capitalize on the popularity of American basketball players. And that should be gradually abandoned.

Beautiful reptiles

These are beautiful reptiles, Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku and other fantastic creatures from Monster Hunter games that appear on the way to work or shopping. It should be noted that the game does not congratulate as much as Pokémon Go with the mobile in hand hatching eggs in Pikachu. The goal is again to move, walk and discover sights, but it is achieved above all by recharging after a certain timeanother constant in games of the same type. Likewise, bonuses that expand your contact area with sights and monsters form a kind of carrot that pushes you to run more and more.

When you hunt monsters, it’s a real choice for you: these creatures, which we would easily have thought were more aggressive than Pokémon, will never attack you. v You go from the highest view on the map to a third person view. This allows you to admire both the very well modeled monsters and your own appearance and weapon that systematically appear on the screen. And off we go to fight. With just a few taps and finger movements you can take down these nasty beastswho sometimes appear very vulnerable and die with a frightening scream.

A sophisticated aesthetic

In the process, you collect a lot of resources that allow you to complete tasks and quests and, above all, improve your body armor, your weapon and forge other beautiful tools of death and grenades. This is the main motivation for progress, even if the game did a kind of story. The latter will lead you to discover the reason for the bridges created between your world and that of the monsters.using the instructions of the characters who accompanied them to your area.

The aesthetics of the game are very successful. The monsters are well animated and have a good screen size even on a somewhat old smartphone. Quite surprisingly, but we get used to it, the universe modeled on your own environment planned in 2.5D appears in small areas, swamps, forests, deserts, separated by voids, left to urbanity or ordinary campaigns. Interesting resource mining locations feature lovely prehistoric drawings and photos of real-world landmarks to great effect. The sound dimension of the game is also very good. Some of the music has an epic feel to it, the sound effects are impressive.

Another monster, another one

Another satisfaction, All of this is very faithful to the Capcom universe, with the Felyne following you everywhere, your Palicot that we see sniffing around before your walk on the plan to collect materials. Be careful with the latter’s eagerness, as it will leave you with no sight left to visit on your own! However, it must be admitted that, due to the often time-consuming process of updating a bestiary, the hunt has repetitive aspects, which are exacerbated by the lack of a collector aspect in the title.

So Monster Hunter is not revolutionizing the genre in any way at the moment, but its hunts, open to multiplayer thanks to a QR code that you exchange within the group gathered in the real world, are not the least of its assets. It was downloaded more than 5 million times in its release weekwithout knowing exactly how many of these downloads took place in Japan and in the countries most dependent on the series.


A sophisticated aesthetic that stays true to the universe

A clear, even stripped-down user interface

The integrated reality camera that delivers impressive images


Repetitive both in terms of the bestiary and the quests

Monster executions once you level up a bit

No recognition of the progress step


A Niantic Capcom game for iOS and Android, available for free. 12 years and older.