Minecraft breaks records – nrpyrenees.fr – The new Republic of the Pyrenees

Minecraft was released in alpha version in 2009 and continues its success story in 2023. Impressive information was revealed during the Minecraft Live 2023 event and the least we can say is that we haven’t had enough of seeing life in cubes yet!

Hold on tight: Mojang Studios’ Swedes’ game is the best-selling game of all time, with more than 300 million copies sold! But that’s not all: since its official release in November 2011, a whopping 68,000 copies have been sold every day! Numbers that make even the pursuer in the charts dizzy: GTA 5 “only” sold 185 million units.

With the release of several spin-offs such as Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons, as well as countless derivative products and various collaborations (for example, the heroes Jack and Steve joined the ranks of the Nintendo game Smash Bros Ultimate), they became an essential Transmedia Franchise 2020), the Notch game is preparing for a major update soon. On the menu: a new area full of challenges (the Trial Chamber), new blocks with innovative properties that enrich the gameplay, but also a brand new non-player character (NPC) who will take the form of an armadillo. That’s not all, as Star Wars lovers will be happy to know that an expansion titled Path of the Jedi will soon be available to quench their thirst for lightsaber combat. Minecraft Legends will not be harmed as it will also include a wealth of new features in future DLCs.

By the way, let’s not forget that Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft in 2014 for the impressive sum of 2.4 billion. A smart investment for the American monster that just bought Activision-Blizzard for… 68.7 billion, that’s a lot!